1.1 3D Computer Animation Fundamentals

Walk Cycle

While all animation has certain styles that portray the character’s personality and emotional psychology in that situation, the type of rig and the extent of which the movements are exaggerated all contribute to the appearance of an animation. If the rig looks like so, then you can clearly see sideways hip rotation and the height …

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Pose Animation

Posing Rigs in Animation These are the final renders and in-scene screenshots from the posing challenge. This task focused on the practical application of positioning the anatomy of a rigged character while using a real-world figure in an image as a reference. The research for this task is on my blog about solid drawing, posing, …

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Physics in Animation

Within this blog post, I will analysis the different types of physics within animation, these consist of reality physics, movie physics and cartoon physics. This gives context on what type of animation you are trying to make. MOVIE Physics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kNqc5Hrh0M&t=141s Within this clip (please skip to T: 2:20s), from The Hobbit: The Battle of the …

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