Element 2

Environment Designs

I have a lot more to plan and decide upon but for now, this is what I envision for the environment. Note to self: turn as many things as you find suitable into a sci-fi theme. I don’t have in terms of environment right now. Decision made so far: Floor is old solid wooden flooring. …

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Proof of Concept

The proof of concept is a great opportunity to figure out hoe to work the lighting I make in Maya into Unreal- how does that even work? When making the proof of concept I had many problems concerning Unreal Engine since it was my first time using it. Many error messages came up about having …

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Project Schedule

Time period: 9 Weeks. From the 17th March to 19th May. Alloted time to update blog posts by end of each week. 2 weeks before deadline write critical appraisal. Roughly 12 objects to model, texture and colour… 3-4 weeks max to make the models, 1 to texture and 1 to finish up and put in …

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Relevant Research

Assassin’c Creed syndicate factory style building Anatomy Death stranding aura Sci-fi style objects TODO Techniques for workflow (e.g. which texture maps should I focus on applying to all of the models. Like normal and displacement) Techniques for UVing: mention the smooth tool I found in UVing. Also, should the persons UV be camera-based to help …

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Character Design

Character Description A boy about 16 years of age, caucasian of European Slavic origins. His body is thin and lean. His face narrow long but rounded. Personality themes: Self-conscious, doesn’t mind being by himself, used to only having to rely on himself. Initial colour scheme moodboard Actual character colour scheme

The Game’s Title

Below are my gathered words to help me decide on a title for the game. Something to do with survival and the helplessness of a task, especially under the circumstances of having no limbs. Single words: Suvival in terms of the individual. ‘Lapsed‘: No longer valid; expired. ‘Impotent‘: Unable to take effective action; helpless or …

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Visual Inspiration

Here I have compiled all of the visual research that I will implement into the development of my preproduction work. These will help me plan and imagine how the 3D outcome will look. Overall, I would like quite an illustrated style, cartoony, fictional looking but somewhat realistic (like the benchmark below). 1. This is the …

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Workflow Test

This will be a simple test of the workflow that I have decided upon. What that means is that I will try out the modelling and texturing process and also remind myself/teach myself new things about modelling and texturing. For example, I have never been a fan of texturing in Photoshop or creating UV’s or …

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Final Major Project Game Design Document, Concept and Proposal

Games Design Document Game name: [Calamity Withstanding] Logline Abandoned and limbless, he will overcome anything to retrieve them. Synapsis A sci-fi survival indie video game that focusses on the limitations and possibilities of having detachable limbs. Find new ways to move what is left of your body after Drystan’s limbs were stolen and overcome obstacles …

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Final Major Project Ideas

(Three Pages) No. 1 3D Games Assets for a Survival Game A series of 3D animated actions of the character, hazards and anything else throughout the game. As well as 3D models for the environment, which I may create a camera movement run through for. Genre: Survival, Puzzle, Platform, sci-fi? TA: All able. No adult …

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