Why the Gif?

The gif has become a format just like the jpeg or png, this format is usually used to depict a movie scene, insinuated a joke between friends, or to express emotion when communicating.

Gifs have a strong presence within the modern-day so I doubt I need to explain what one is. Furthermore, this societies youth always has an opinion of what is current and this is always changing. Therefore, I believe analysing some gifs and asking some student to review what they think about gifs in today’s age would be more beneficial.

Anyone can make a gif with a little skill and purpose as they are the best way to share a funny scene from a movie or tv series. Their purpose is to share visual images when communicating with others. They have become a better way to express yourself as they project your tone of voice.

Gif is simply a form of animation/ story in a short loop used to convey a short narrative and get a reaction out of someone. Here is an example of this:

(GIPHY, 2013)

There is no doubt that this face has had the centre focus for numerous gifs made about him, this one was made around the time of the 2016 elections. Trump is unequivocally not well liked to the mass audience. As you can see the gif has been used to portray a typically humorous expression on his face which transforms into a skull. The symbolism of death through the use of the skull could represent a death threat against him.

An example of the more traditional gif is below:

(GIPHY, 2013)
(GIPHY, 2013)
(Tenor, 2013)

Here we see some of Jim Carrey’s funniest moments that I use frequently in order to communicate myself better. By implementing his humorous characteristics we can use his acting to show when we are feeling weird, shakingly uncomfortable or just don’t want to leave the bed. We feel that actors from movies can show how we feel much clearer than we can.

A couple of students that I interviewed to explore opinions on the topic expressed that they used to use gifs and only in sarcasm but not longer as they have been replaced with the use of memes. One continued to say that if she were to make her own gifs then they would not be for the conventional comical purpose but more appealing. To the currect day she has more commonly used emojis or memes as gifs are out of date.


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