Screen Craft Fest Programme

To test my group skills when creating events such as a festival I have created this document plan in order to practice this. The information is based on group idea generation and imagining how certain aspects would be worked out.

Never before has there been an event directly targeted at the working force behind the camera, the crew members of the film industry will be the niche target audience of this festival. In addition to this, students from art and screen Universities are included since it will produce a number of opportunities for their educational growth.

Ethan Anderson’s blog post ‘Film’ from the film The Revenant. Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

Our ideal audience would come straight from behind the scenes of award-winning or nominated movies. The above image is a good example of this from The Revenant movie. Such a large amount of effort goes in big budget productions, and not everyone is always thought about when giving credit for the final product. Therefore, we imagine that this target audience would appreciate an entire festival centred around the crew behind the movies. In addition to this, mixing experts within the film field and student who wish to enter that career would certainly benefit from the educational experience.

Article by Rachel Deloughry about Top 7 film festivals in the Netherlands.

This article by Rachel Deloughry (Deloughry, 2018) expresses her opinion of the most popular Netherlands film festivals. This is the envisioned style we had originally intended for our festival. The principal viewing auditorium will contain the largest of the three screens as well as the tiered seating, which all rooms will contain. The lighting effects and displays of the logo are optional additions for later discussion.


(Anderson, 2016)

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(Deloughry, 2018)

Deloughry, R. (2018). Top 7 film festivals in the Netherlands. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Oct. 2018].


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