London College of Communication ‘Chair of strange happenings’

The sofa ate my phone!

Couch traumatises young boy.

(Fictional story)

Today, I am sharing with you the tale of a so-called haunted object. Whether it is the object itself that is the source for this paranormal activity or just a hoax from the student in question, we’ll see.

While this Granny Chair is no unique urban legend, the LCC student Jay Owen does claim it to be haunted. In the “Darkroom” lounge area of the London College Of Communication the chair has been placed to rest with many different types of chairs, none of which have had similar activity. After sitting in the chair students have become disconcerted by other chairs of the same style.


Jay Owens (19), a games design freshers student in his first week explored the halls of his school in search of a decent social place with his friends. Unknowingly, Jay would find more than just the ordinary chair he desired. On interviewing him he mentioned that he is the type of boy to claim a chair for his own, perpetually insisting on having it for himself. Possibly the chair felt similar as he began to experience odd occurrences in the presence of it. He says: “Initially as I sat down, it was the spontaneous odd movement that I knew couldn’t have originated from me”. Claiming that the object did more than just move he goes into a lengthy description mentioning growling noises. However, presently there is uncertainty about this Owen’s boy, it is unclear whether not may be on some kind of narcotics with his companions. Therefore, there remains a possibility that this event was merely a hallucination even after pleading so strongly about the truth of his claim.


Furthermore, other students have expressed unsettling views by their own account of this phenomena. Lee Childs became traumatized when it violently vibrated beneath him, enveloping his mobile phone in the process. To his astonishment, on many occasions it has spontaneously sprung alive, lifting up the footrest and dropping low the backrest with an occupant aboard.

Due to the untimely demise of the previous owner, all who sit in the said chair  have afterwards found themselves being poked and prodded by knitting needles pointing up at them. However, when the search for their whereabouts concluded they could not be found.

A connection can be made to another paranormal experience which is based on a chair of similar make. This is the story of the Hodgeson family’s distress upon moving into their home. They found a spirit was attached to a particular chair in their living room that plagued them with mischievous acts within the room. Nobody wanted to even go near it let alone sit down. It made such an impact that a movie formed from it called The Conjuring 2, directed by James Wan. Although the movie was made to be fictionally dramatic, the background is based on a truthful story. Fact: Bill Wilkins, the previous owner, died in his chair of a brain haemorrhage (, 2018). The elements of these hauntings include possessions, voices, television sets being toyed with, furniture being moved and child levitation.

Both this movie and the school news story contain a sitting chair of a similar style as well as their owner’s untimely death in it. Their supernatural presence within the rooms seem to create an unsettling atmosphere for their occupants.

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