ABOUT who? ME.

WHo am i?

I know this is the part where I am supposed to talk about myself, right...

Well, my story is simple...
I am a Ba Animation student with a love for movies and video games. This blog is where I will show completed tasks that I am set, as well as any creative work I make.

But, do not worry, I will attempt to make it FUN, and not fail in doing that. AND be warned that I am constantly learning, so any help or advice is appreciated.

Overall, I am an avid and regretable tea lover that gets side tracked so often I might as well have built the roads myself.

This is my second year of univeristy and I feel I still have alot to learn. I am constantly (OK-lazily and with alot of unpractical enthusiasm), teaching myself through tutorials and software hours how to do everything I feel I should be learning. Need to draw better? Then Practice. Spend the hours drawing and you will get there. I feel this is a little far fetched and not true. How can someone have the will to sit down and fail over and over until that sgwiggly and jagged line looks like a perfectly realistic face. It is very dissapointing. This must be my goal for now, to fail and still keep going- push through the lazy thoughts of gaming and movies, which, regretfully, there are alot of. To begin a task and finish with a good and proud feeling afterwards.

Cool me facts

Numbers speak for themselves

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Cups Of Tea

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