16/11/18 Visual essay​. Preparation for the fina​l essay for ‘this is me’

Visual essay

Cover image of Death Stranding (Sledge, 2018)

The conventional image conveys the identity of the game, it portrays the types of characters and iconography that will be revealed within the game content. This image successfully gives the audience the incentive to buy the game as it depicts distinguishing characteristics and a certain avont garde.

Concept art for the game which illustrates an elusive theme with silhouettes. (VGR, 2018)

This concept art is carefully designed suggestive ginormous silhouettes in the background. The central focus (the protagonist) is portrayed as minimalist against the towering shadows. As this iconography is not explained it leaves so much to the imagination of the audience and therefore, this effectively gives the audience a sense of suspense making them discuss the trailer and want to know more.

Experimentations with mist to try out illusive visual techniques.

Translation into real life circumstances. And something that applies closer to me. I admire the fictional application for this technique of illusion- not revealing everything to the audience leaving them curious for more.

Panorama of London city scenery.

Background if misty. The visual effect that decreases vision and how much you can see which creates suspense as figures and shapes can be used to give the audience further curiosity by giving them the feeling of wanting to know more. The colour scheme is extremely different to what I have produced, however, this can be developed with filters and further editing. You can definitely tell that they had a mood and a certain iconography they wanted to portray through colour and scene. I would like to create my own colour scheme effect with the images I try to recreate in order to exercise the technique and to further produce an understanding of how they have produced suspense.

Death Stranding trailer iconography (Jovem Nerd, 2018)

Low-key lighting with intense highlights on the character in this mid shot further emphasises my point. They have used this beautifully constructed iconography to portray an obscure character.

Experimental test for Death Standing style

I attempted to recreate the Concept artists style of tone and lighting with this test, however, I believe that this has not been successful. The high-intensity lighting has not come through in the result. The mood is completely different, it has come out as a dimmer and ominous mood and portrays that the character is mysterious.

Further experimentation

I found Photoshop quite hard to use as I am not very experienced with it so I found myself getting increasingly frustrated. After exploring the editing settings within Photoshop I found this effect with the Emboss filter in the stylise section. This distortion of the image produces similar results as the visual effects have been skewed. I am interested in the result as it has an aesthetically pleasing dream-like feel to it.


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