Brainstorming for essay assignment

Here I have begun brainstorming for an assignment to produce a short essay. I know I will most likely want to produce a piece of writing in the theme of video games. Therefore, I have started creating this mind map with a general theme of action video game addiction, as this is a common topic under discussion.


Introduction of animation essay task. Why the addiction to action games?

I found the games convention I visited quite informative, not for the recent games that were released but I observed the people who played them. As well as what made them like games so much. They all seemed to have an addiction to it, and that is why they were there. Specifically, I have viewed the teaser video for the game Death Stranding (YouTube, 2016) produced by Hideo Kojima. This has really intrigued me as I believe that the videos he created for the not released game are absolutely brilliant. It always gave you so much visual information about the setting, characters without giving you everything. The symbolism and unexplainable iconography will illude the audience, leaving them with so many questions. You are left wanting more and the curiosity does its job by making you want to play the game to find out more.

Another trailer for the Death Stranding games was just as effective at surprising and entertaining me (YouTube, 2016).  I believe that the music was incredible effective to create an ominous, yet thrilling mood within this trailer. It has subverted modern conventional and stereotypical action games and gone for an alternative, contemporary approach to games designing. This was incredibly powerful in my mind as it has stood out from any current game. Of course I cannot be sure of the value within the game until I have played it, however, the trailer has done its job well by inflicting curiosity into the audience leaving them wanting more after each of the videos.

Writing a review about this game could be a great way to write the essay, however, I still like the idea of addiction being the next theme. I have found a couple of references that would help me if I decide to take this further. The first was from a book specifically about game addiction (Omojayne, 2013), therefore, will play a large base to my essay. He has made an interesting point in the introduction when he said ‘Video games are psychologically … real like baseball game)’. The second is a blog post (Southgate, 2018) reviewing the game ‘My memory of us’ that I believe portrayed some interesting points about how the game had been presented and the important effective qualities it possesses.




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