3d Final outcomes

11-Second project showreel

Year 1, Mudbox showreel of my ‘apeman’ character for the animation project.

11-Second project

11-second animation showreel 2. Base texture is applied with three point lighting source.

3D concept

3D version of a 2D game environment. Made in Maya using coloured three point lighting, in addition to the spotlights behind the windows. Also implemented god light/ light scattering to produce the visible light.

Halloween model

Halloween styled 3D models: pumpkin, gravestone and a lamp post/ sign post.

Final chess model

The original project was to simply make a chess set and board. I expanded on this by creating the an entire compartment that would hold the pieces, as well as provide draws for snacks and draw drinks holders.

Castle Mock-up

Castle mock-up to expand on the corridor concept piece. Also planning on creating a beautiful garden courtyard with a balcony and spiral staircase to get there.

Practicing maya

Learning how to model, texture and how to use Uv’s e.g. for different purposes and when  you can use camera based Uv.